Green energy from Pig and cattle Manure

Our Company manufactures and installs smart bio-digesters for rural women farmers in Nigeria with a capacity of 10,000 pigs

Bio-gas digesters convert the dung into bio-gas that can be used for cooking and lighting. The slurry left over from this process is also an excellent organic fertiliser that can be used to improve crop yields. The programme subsidises the purchase of a biogas plant.

Our company seeks to distribute bio-gas digesters as a local sustainable energy source by developing a commercial, market-‚Äčoriented sector for them that also provides job and business opportunities for masons and partner organisations in construction.

The construction of biogas digesters in rural households reduces greenhouse gas emissions on different levels: the methane appearing as a result from the fermentation of the dung in the traditional way escapes no longer into the air. The methane is used instead as energy source replacing firewood or charcoal and can be utilized for lighting as well.

The slurry replaces chemical fertilizers, whose production and transportation also is omitted. In addition, this organic fertilizer does not cause soil degradation as chemical fertilizers do. It has also a three times higher nutritional value compared to normal animal manure.