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Biostar Green Cycles helps reduce the environmental impact of food waste by collecting and transferring it to nationwide Anaerobic Digestion facilities that convert the waste into renewable energy (biogas) and other useful products.

The Nigeria wastes is equivalent to 1.3 billion meals each year.

Food waste comes 21% from spoilage; 45% from food preparation and 34% from consumer plates, on average.

Only 12% of all food waste is recycled.[1]


Meeting the food safety standard

As well as the importance of recycling in tackling food waste, there are hygiene issues to consider to avoid illness and control pests. The Food Standards Agency sets out guidelines for disposing of food waste, including:

  • Removing waste and other rubbish from rooms where food is present as quickly as possible, to avoid build up
  • Putting waste and other rubbish in suitable containers that can be closed and easily cleaned
  • Providing adequate facilities for storing and disposing of food waste and other rubbish. Stores for waste must be designed and managed in a way that enables them to be kept clean and, where necessary, free of animals and pests.

Food waste solutions to suit your business

At Bio- cycle we offer a range of waste management services to help you manage your waste in line with Food Standards Agency requirements, including: